How to get attention with your Ad copy

Use this formula if you are an affiliate marketer, a copywriter or you are into online business

The basic Formular for Persuasion: I call them the 4 Pees

1- Problem

2- Promise

3- Proof and

4- Price

1.Problem: Begin your headlines calling out the audience you want by focusing on their problems. Example: if you are in the weight loss business.

Start with: Want to lose weight?

What you are doing is rounding up the people who would like to buy from you by focusing on their problem or issues they are passing through

2. Promise: Now you got their attention with step one, mention your promise. And the second example on weight loss might read: New nondiet depends on your mind and not the food you eat to lose weight.

What you are doing in the second step is explaining how you will solve the problem in the first step

3. Next Proof: We live in a world of skepticism, so focus on your proof or evidence.

These can be in the form of guarantees, testimonials or anything else you can think of to convince people you are being honest with them.

An example could be: Research has shown people lose an average of 14.9kg with this new plan. This is where you bring in your evidence that your promise will work

4. Finally, you now ask for what you want. If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, say so.

If you want them to buy your product, say so, if you want them to call you say so.

Example: order our special herb now for only $9.99

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